Sunday, October 12, 2008


Hi there is a good opportunity to earn money by clicking advertisements, they are several sites about the clicking of ads. You can earn money 0.01$ per click of ads, there is no need to pay even a single paise

Whats your task and what should you do ?
  • Your task is to first register don't give any fakes please give your details originally.
  • Then add more referrals below you that is to add your friends by registering them in your name as a referral.
  • Click the ads daily till will take maximum time 15 min to complete per day.
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 Why you need to refer your friends?

You need to refer your friends because if your friend clicks per ad he will get credit of $0.01 and you also will get the credit of 0.01$. So if you make more referrals you will earn quick and more.

for eg :-
          you click 20 adds per day                     =          0.20$
        20 referrals click 20 ads per day             =             4$      
        so your daily earnings                                =           4.20$
        your monthly earnings                               =           126$

This the way to earn money in a simple way,  many of the people is doing this as a part time job. You can take your money once it has been reached 10$ from your account, spend your time in the useful way. Then why your waiting for register now and start clicking the ads.

Here there is two websites they are bux3 and buxto:-

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after clicking these please click register afetr you entered page and fill all your details correctly. If not please copy these link and paste in your address tab and login with your user name and password, and start clicking ads Happy Clickings.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Varanam aayiram - Release doubtfull

The much expected film of actor surya's Varanam aayiram is announced to be released for "Diwali" but now an new issue is arrised by "Hindu Makkal katchi" secretary Mr.Kannan. The issue is, for hogenakkal issue tamil film industry has organised protest against it in that actress Divya didn't participated and also she didn't gave any explanation regarding it and instead she participated in karnataka. So Mr.Kannan asked tamil film industry secretary Mr.Sarth kumar to ban the film and not to screen it for diwali till actress Divya gives further explanation regarding this issue.So it is doubtfull weather this issue will be sorted out immediately but the songs which released are mindblowing and amazing excites everyone who hears it.

Director Gautham also said that this movie is not an action film instead it will be an emotional and heart touching one. Might me director Gautham wanted to prove that he is also an romantic director after the film "Pactchai killi muthu charam". However surya is coming in two diffrent roles as father and son, but also he showed further variations in physique like coming as school guy as lean as he can, with six pacs like an solid muscle man etc. Let us wait and watch till then have a look of those pictures exclusively from the film.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Get rid of diabetes

1) Check your BMI (Body mass index) and keep your body weight according to your height, you will not be affected by diabetes.

2) 30 minutes of moderate excercise or walking will help to check diabetes.

Energy Drink

Need an instant energy instead of consuming drinks like "Red Bull" go for fresh sugarcane juice it contains ready glucose and also can immediately resolve in blood and gives immediate and instant energy.


Fresh fruits are always good to consume and help us to healthy. A piece of any fruit can give energy that our body craves during stress.