Thursday, October 2, 2008

Universal Ahimsa Day:

October 2 As A Universal Ahimsa Day:-

                                                               Mahatma Gandhiji birthday is on October 2 you all know very well and this day has been announced as a Universal Ahimsa Day and followed till today by the people. This is announced by UN public assembly last year, the Gandhiji created and followed the ahimsa and get independence to our country. He proved that ahimsa is the best way to achieve the goals, in the way of ahimsa you may find the truths. The Ahimsa is not a cowardness and you cant say that the people who follow ahimsa is the coward they are the achievers. Cowardness and ahimsa are like water and fire and they both are the symbol of courages. To get rid of dislikeness and opposition ahimsa is the best way to get free out of them these are the information which had been said our Gandhiji in this day we need to spread the Ahimsa information to all our people. 

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