Sunday, October 12, 2008


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Friday, October 10, 2008

Varanam aayiram - Release doubtfull

The much expected film of actor surya's Varanam aayiram is announced to be released for "Diwali" but now an new issue is arrised by "Hindu Makkal katchi" secretary Mr.Kannan. The issue is, for hogenakkal issue tamil film industry has organised protest against it in that actress Divya didn't participated and also she didn't gave any explanation regarding it and instead she participated in karnataka. So Mr.Kannan asked tamil film industry secretary Mr.Sarth kumar to ban the film and not to screen it for diwali till actress Divya gives further explanation regarding this issue.So it is doubtfull weather this issue will be sorted out immediately but the songs which released are mindblowing and amazing excites everyone who hears it.

Director Gautham also said that this movie is not an action film instead it will be an emotional and heart touching one. Might me director Gautham wanted to prove that he is also an romantic director after the film "Pactchai killi muthu charam". However surya is coming in two diffrent roles as father and son, but also he showed further variations in physique like coming as school guy as lean as he can, with six pacs like an solid muscle man etc. Let us wait and watch till then have a look of those pictures exclusively from the film.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Get rid of diabetes

1) Check your BMI (Body mass index) and keep your body weight according to your height, you will not be affected by diabetes.

2) 30 minutes of moderate excercise or walking will help to check diabetes.

Energy Drink

Need an instant energy instead of consuming drinks like "Red Bull" go for fresh sugarcane juice it contains ready glucose and also can immediately resolve in blood and gives immediate and instant energy.


Fresh fruits are always good to consume and help us to healthy. A piece of any fruit can give energy that our body craves during stress.


Love chocolates nothing wrong in it. Eat chocolates which contains nuts it is proven experimentally that it beats stress and supplies protein.


Many people among us will skip breakfast, it results in obesity and also it will be cause for ultimate tiredness and also results in frustration. It is mandatory to have breakfast it literally means Breaking the fast after sleep. Those who like to reduce their weights should never skip breakfast.

A power breakfast : A bowl of oatmeal and a banana gives us instant and sustained energy to start the day.


Excercises like jogging, walking helps in building and maintaining strong bones....


Remember why not to avoid eggs?... It has choline, critical to human brain....

One egg contains over 6 grams of protein and all 9 essential ammino acids...

Remember even honey consumed in large amount will lead to death likewise, consume egg in moderate quantity it will help to keep away heart diseases...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Black Gandhiji:

One Of The True Follower Of Gandhiji:-
                                                                             The Kamaraj is also the one of the true follower of Gandhiji and he led the life by following the Gandhiji words. He led the life for the people by his behaviour the people should not doubt him at any cast or he avoided unwanted things. This principle has been followed until his death and he didn't do any thing for their home that is saving money, building houses, buying car like that he is very simple. Normally every people do their things for individually and for their family but according to Kamraj he did every thing for people only. For his home he is not interested in buying the water facility and fan and his mom asked to buy a land which is nearby the home but he said they are several people who will talk wrong about this and i don't like to hear and i am not interested in buying this one. At present the politician is one of the business and the politicians are likely do for their own and for their family. Their aim is to make money or getting properties they don't have any interest about the city and about the people, they are searching the way how to develop money for them and for  their surroundings. Kamaraj is the King maker of all the politicians and he should be the good lesson to all politicians and those who misuse the politician power. We salute to the King Maker Kamaraj and we proud to say that we had politicians like you and in future we need some of the persons like to be in politics.   

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gandhi Movie Hindi:

The Gandhi history and the story of how we get the Independence and how they come arise the problems with British. This is the good movie which is all about India History of Independence so every one should watch this movie.

True Follower Of GHANDHIJI:


                                                                              The true follower of Gandhiji is Lal Bahadur Shastri who is the second prime minister in India while he was a prime minister he followed the way of GANDHIJI. While he ruling there is no famine in india at this condition the America had sent the inquality wheat to indians. To neglect the inquality wheat from Americans shastri make a speech in the stage by telling that we can live one more day without having food, but we should not eat this wheat which had been sent by the Americans. This is the request to the public by shastri,then he asked her wife not to cook with their products. In general the prime minister will travel in individual flight but while shastri is going to Pakistan for making some agreement with them. He went through the flight in Air India which is going to London and landed in Daskand. There itself he was dead then his body came to India. In this modern world today we cannot find such a person like him is very less.   

Universal Ahimsa Day:

October 2 As A Universal Ahimsa Day:-

                                                               Mahatma Gandhiji birthday is on October 2 you all know very well and this day has been announced as a Universal Ahimsa Day and followed till today by the people. This is announced by UN public assembly last year, the Gandhiji created and followed the ahimsa and get independence to our country. He proved that ahimsa is the best way to achieve the goals, in the way of ahimsa you may find the truths. The Ahimsa is not a cowardness and you cant say that the people who follow ahimsa is the coward they are the achievers. Cowardness and ahimsa are like water and fire and they both are the symbol of courages. To get rid of dislikeness and opposition ahimsa is the best way to get free out of them these are the information which had been said our Gandhiji in this day we need to spread the Ahimsa information to all our people. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wine City In INDIA:

In Maharashtra the region Nasik is the highest production of grapes from the fruit grape alcoholic beverages are made. So the industry is also several and so it is called as wine city and it describes the history in Ramayana period and how the nasik is on that period. All the information about the nasik is there in the website information for more just log on to 

New Model In Black Berry:


                                                     The black berry introduces the new model with several new functions it has several additional features than the RIM, the model name is Black Berry Bold 9000 and it is in two colours one is the pink which is in above picture and the other one is Piano Black. The front its in black or pink colour and at backside it has leather and it is the best among all the black berry phones. It can available in the networks such as Airtel, Reliance, Bsnl, and Vodafone. It has 624 megahertz processor in it such that it will open the large image content also very quick. It has 128MB flash memory and 1GB on board memory, it has Divx, Xvid video play, video recording, audio format, and 2 mega pixel camera. The 2mp camera is the only disadvantage in the phone because they are several phones with higher more than larger pixels. It had more than ten email services which is in the phone to make the people to benefit of the Internet. It has the quality keyboard and it has drag ball navigation and it has greater resolution in the screen which gives good picture quality. It has the software such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint to open or create such type of files. The free stereo headphones is available along with phone, and it cost around 34,990 rupees. The cost of the phone is quite expensive such that the quality should also be higher is expected.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Kadhalil Vilundhen - Review

Language: TAMIL
Director: P.V.Prasadh
Producer: S.Umapathi
Cast: Nagulan,Sunaina
Music: Vijay Antony
Lyrics: Kabilan-Thamarai
Cinematography: S.D.Vijay Milton
Editing: V.T.Vijayan
Screenplay: P.V.Prasadh
Story/Writer: P.V.Prasadh
Action: Action Prakash

This movie have good expectation from the people and this film is also known as the nakku mukka film because of the fabulous song nakku mukka. This is the first movie for the sun pictures the Dayanithi maran is the former of sun pictures. All the songs are very pleasant to hear especially nakku mukka song, tholiya en kadahaliya song, un thalai mudi song are well good. The music is the highlight for the film and vijay anthony plays a vital role for the music and the background music also perfectly in timings. The hero is Nagulan who had came in the screen in the film BOYS in the role of Ju-ju and he shows the vast change in the film compared to boys film even i cant recognize it. He work very hard for this film and change his hairstyle and reduced his body completely to the half, this is the first movie to act as a hero. The heroine name sunaina  i didn't find in any movies i think this is the first movie for her too. Lets we move to the story of the film assually the hero and heroine is studying in the college but in different colleges. The hero is some what poor family and his father is a drunker and, his mother is alive the heroine family is well riched The hero is driving in the bike accidentally the heroine shawl fall on the heros face so this makes him to met into accident. Then the herione admits hero into the hospital and hero will be in the critical position, she will take care of him very well she wont go to her home she stays in hospital itself day by day the hero will recovering. Then the hero likes her very much and he started falling in love with her and he discharge from hospital after that he will started to follow daily and one day he caughted by heroine and they planned to meet daily. Then the hero was sent out of the home after that heroine took her to the friend room and ask hero to stay over there, hero always look very sad because he don't know how to express his love. Finally he express his love to her and she will be for some days disappear and suddenly the heroine will join in the hero college and she accept the love. Then the hero will move to football competition from college to outstation after he is returning the heroine will die, then he will move to the hospital and he will not accept her death due to lots of love in her. According to others heroine is the dead body but for the hero she will be talking and doing other activities so hero plan to run away with heroine sorry dead body. These things all are flash back he is telling all things to the Livingston, he was shocked and he inform to the police already the police will be searching for him. He will kill all the persons those come to take heroine dead body, at certain stage the police was very afraid of the hero. Then the climax is one guy will shoot at hero uncertainly the bullet will struck into the heroine body according to hero now only she is going to die for others she is a dead body. So that the hero will shoot by his own hand and he will also die , this is the entire the story of Kadhalil Vilundhen. The first half part is better but i cant see even a minute the second half after the interval i don't know under what concept the film is taken the director should think of the audience. Please you people don't suffer like me that's what i can say, and don't waste time and money.    

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some tips to deal with "STRESS"

  • The first step is to recognise youe symptoms of stress the causes.
  • Look deeply into your lifestyle and see what can be changed - at work and at home
  • Use relaxation techniques - yoga, meditation, deep breathing, massage, aromatheraphy, etc.
  • Physical activity is one of the most successful stress remedies.
  • Learn to manage your time. Perform essentail tasks and prioritise others. Don't procastrinate, it will add to your stress level.
  • Learn to say no to unreasonable demands. You can't always meet other people's expectations.
  • Watch what you eat. Alcohol, caffine, junk foods, sweets, fats, tobacco all put a strain on your body's ability to cope with stress. Eat a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and foods high in protein but low in fat. Eat regularly and don't skip meals.
  • Rest is important - get enough rest and sleep.
  • Make some time for yourself. Read a book, watch a movie, play a game, listen to music or take a vaccation. Spend time with family and friends have fun.
  • Keep your anger in check it may be the biggest stressors.
  • Don't push your limits. You are not perfect! Accept your shortcomings.
  • Learn to appreciate what you have and don't try to keep up with the joneses.

Chennai - In Future

Tidel park in Taramani its proposed wall reconstruction

IT Corridor in RajivGhandhi Road its proposed view in future

Padi intersection



I hope that you like these pictures like me please give your comments for more pictures just log on to

Global Community For Womens

In INDIA, they are several educated women's who taking the responsibility as a home maker for them, the Internet gives the best way to interact with people and also to entertain. Internet have many good websites and to identify these websites is now simpler. This website is the best way to express their own opinion and exchange information to one another and this site is the type of debate with different titles. pl visit the site & this site is specially for women's. 

Born of Religions

Have a Look the link 

This link explains the born of religions in world before 5000 decades to the current century. An awesome one it will just take 90 seconds to view.


Petrol price - An eye opener

 Petrol fever: A real eye opener

Taxes can be definitely reduced to some extent… More importantly…. .kharcha Pani of these netas must be reduced!!!!! !!!! What say??? These may control the prices.

Following is the article from well known Newspaper.

Find the detail break-up of the Final price of petrol available at fuel pumps.

This is a break up considering crude oil at 130 $ per barrel. Following details are for per liter petrol in Rs.

Basic Price                        =      21.93

Excise duty                        =      14.35

Education Tax                   =      00.43

Dealer commission            =      01.05

VAT                                   =      05.50

Crude Oil Custom duty      =      01.10

Petrol Custom                    =      01.54

Transportation Charge       =      06.00

Total price                          =  Rs 51.90

So for a Rs 22 liter petrol at pumps we people pay Rs 28 tax extra.

Govt. is thinking to impose more price hike to curtain with the current crude oil bubble in International oil crisis.

If Central Govt. wish, it can still reduce the price of petrol in the current crisis situation, but it doesn't intend to do so, instead trying to fool the people and Nation. This is the basis LEFT parties are opposing, just generating more profits for the oil marketing companies.

Don't you think you should pass this message to create more awareness among the people. So they Consider this aspect before they vote for the coming elections.

The Congress party has ruled for the most of the years of independent India...

Think if they have been kind to the common man the nation would have been richer......

Today's tip

Tryptophan in milk boosts brain's serotonin levels which helps to make us calm and cool and it is proved that it will be usefull in getting us out from stress.


Starring: Shanthanu, vedika, ishita and others

Music : A.R.Rehman

Director : Kalaprakash

Producer : Kalaipuli.S.Thanu

The film sakkarakati which has huge expectations, it all because of A.R.Rehman's music and also it was the debut film for Shanthanu Backiaraj. With all these expectations the film released on 26/09/08. But the film was not up to the mark and to be crisp it doesn't have any story. Before in film songs will be there but this film has taken only for songs. All the songs are good to see and espicially taxi - song and other songs are visual treat other than songs there is nothing in the film special and we can expect the film soon in T.V. Guys be carefull sakkarakati - in tamil we can say it as "Mannakati'...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Download English Torrents

The direct link to download English torrents it is the best source for the greatest torrents with torrent listings, its contents are movies, games, applications, books and music please visit the link

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

View of ANDAMAN Island

After the tsunami in Andaman island the tourists people are less in the island, so this the message to create awareness to make people to visit the island. They are several transport facilities to travel it to Andaman the ship facilities at Chennai, kolkatta, and vishakapatnam, the flight facilities is also available at Chennai and kolkatta. Please visit the following link to view the beauty of Andaman

Sunday, September 14, 2008

"World's most biggest things"

This is the world's biggest church buiding which is located at NIGERIA named as Winners` C hapel at Canaanland. The insiding hall capacity is about 50,000 and Outside Overflow Capacity is about 250,000 .
The world's largest palace which is located in ROMANIA and it have more than 500 bed rooms, 55 kitchens and 120 sitting rooms.

The world's biggest plane AIRBUS A380, 555 passengers can travel at a time.

The world's longest bridge which is located in DHONGAI BRIDGE, CHINA it range upto 32.5 km

The world's biggest ROMAN CATHOLIC CATHEDRAL which is located at IVORY COAST.

This is the world's biggest church buiding which is located at NIGERIA named as Winners` C hapel at Canaanland. The insiding hall capacity is about 50,000 and Outside Overflow Capacity is about 250,000 .

This is the world's most expensive hotel which is located BURJ AL ARAB HOTEL at DUBAI, it is the only 7 star hotel in the world cheapest room which cost $1000 per night, royal suit $28,000 per night.

This is the world's biggest hotel named MGM GRAND HOTEL at LAS VEGAS and it has 6,276 rooms.

The world's largest mosque named SHAH FEISAL MOSQUE whixh is located at ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN. The inside hall capacity is about 35,000 and the outside overflow capacity is about 150,000.

This is the world's biggest EXCAVATOR which is built by KRUPP of GERMANY which weighs about 45,500 tons , 95 meters high, 215 meters long.

This is the most complex interchange of paths in all ways which is located at TEXAS and it interstate 10 highway interchange.

This is the world's costliest stadium which is located at ENGLAND named as NEW WEMBLEY STADIUM and it cost around $1.6 billion and 90,000 capacity of seating.

This is the world's biggest stadium located at BRAZIL named as MARACANA STADIUM capacity 199,000.

The world's tallest building located at DUBAI named as BURJ DUBAI it is 900 metres high to be finally completed at 2008.

The world's highest statue at BRAZIL named as CHRIST THE REDEEMER STATUE.

The world's biggest bus Neoplan Jumbo -cruiser, this is the 2 in 1 bus with double deck the passenger capacity upto 170.

This is the world's biggest passenger ship and 4300 passenger capacity inside.

This is the world's widest bridge named as Sydney harbor bridge at AUSTRALIA it is about 16 lanes of car traffic, 8 lanes in the upper floor and 8 in the lower floor.

This the world's busiest airport in night vision J.F.K International Airport at NEW YORK.

This the world's busiest airport in day time J.F.K International Airport at NEW YORK.

This is the world's biggest shopping mall and the name is south china mall which is located in Dongguan, China. The size is about 892,000 meter-square Shops on 6 floors.
This is the world's biggest shopping mall and the name is south china mall which is located in Dongguan, China. The size is about 892,000 meter-square Shops on 6 floors.

This is the world's biggest office complex which is located in CHICAGO.

This is the world's biggest indoor swimming pool which is located in EDMONTON, the size is about 5 acres

This is the Basilica of our lady of peace which is located in Yamoussoukro, the in siding sitting capacity of the hall is about 18,000 and the out siding overflow capacity is about 100,000 .