Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Model In Black Berry:


                                                     The black berry introduces the new model with several new functions it has several additional features than the RIM, the model name is Black Berry Bold 9000 and it is in two colours one is the pink which is in above picture and the other one is Piano Black. The front its in black or pink colour and at backside it has leather and it is the best among all the black berry phones. It can available in the networks such as Airtel, Reliance, Bsnl, and Vodafone. It has 624 megahertz processor in it such that it will open the large image content also very quick. It has 128MB flash memory and 1GB on board memory, it has Divx, Xvid video play, video recording, audio format, and 2 mega pixel camera. The 2mp camera is the only disadvantage in the phone because they are several phones with higher more than larger pixels. It had more than ten email services which is in the phone to make the people to benefit of the Internet. It has the quality keyboard and it has drag ball navigation and it has greater resolution in the screen which gives good picture quality. It has the software such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint to open or create such type of files. The free stereo headphones is available along with phone, and it cost around 34,990 rupees. The cost of the phone is quite expensive such that the quality should also be higher is expected.

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fommyindia said...

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