Thursday, October 2, 2008

True Follower Of GHANDHIJI:


                                                                              The true follower of Gandhiji is Lal Bahadur Shastri who is the second prime minister in India while he was a prime minister he followed the way of GANDHIJI. While he ruling there is no famine in india at this condition the America had sent the inquality wheat to indians. To neglect the inquality wheat from Americans shastri make a speech in the stage by telling that we can live one more day without having food, but we should not eat this wheat which had been sent by the Americans. This is the request to the public by shastri,then he asked her wife not to cook with their products. In general the prime minister will travel in individual flight but while shastri is going to Pakistan for making some agreement with them. He went through the flight in Air India which is going to London and landed in Daskand. There itself he was dead then his body came to India. In this modern world today we cannot find such a person like him is very less.   


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