Friday, October 3, 2008

Black Gandhiji:

One Of The True Follower Of Gandhiji:-
                                                                             The Kamaraj is also the one of the true follower of Gandhiji and he led the life by following the Gandhiji words. He led the life for the people by his behaviour the people should not doubt him at any cast or he avoided unwanted things. This principle has been followed until his death and he didn't do any thing for their home that is saving money, building houses, buying car like that he is very simple. Normally every people do their things for individually and for their family but according to Kamraj he did every thing for people only. For his home he is not interested in buying the water facility and fan and his mom asked to buy a land which is nearby the home but he said they are several people who will talk wrong about this and i don't like to hear and i am not interested in buying this one. At present the politician is one of the business and the politicians are likely do for their own and for their family. Their aim is to make money or getting properties they don't have any interest about the city and about the people, they are searching the way how to develop money for them and for  their surroundings. Kamaraj is the King maker of all the politicians and he should be the good lesson to all politicians and those who misuse the politician power. We salute to the King Maker Kamaraj and we proud to say that we had politicians like you and in future we need some of the persons like to be in politics.   

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